How to Use AutoWake

How to Use AutoWake

1. Before going to sleep, put iPhone on charger*.

2. Go into the Watch app by touching the AutoWake complication on your Watch Face. To learn more about complications touch here

4. Wake up. 

*To learn more about iPhone and Watch system settings and best practice, touch here

Advanced Settings

In the AutoWake iPhone app, you'll find lots that you can customise. 

Spoken Confirmations

By default, when manually enabling or disabling the AutoWake alarm on your Watch, you will receive a spoken confirmation and a spoken warning if you forgot to put the iPhone on its charger. You can disable these or change the spoken text in the Settings / CUSTOMISE section. 

Safety Alarm

If for some reason the haptic alarm on the Watch does not wake you up then two minutes later, you will receive a spoken alarm and/or a song will play from your music library on your iPhone. You can change this in the Settings / CUSTOMISE / Alarm Triggered section. 

Snooze Button

If you would like to enable a snooze button on your Watch, this can be found in the Settings / CUSTOMISE / Alarm Triggered section. 

Haptic Settings

You are able to change the style of your haptic alarm in Settings / HAPTICS

Sleep Cycle Buster

By default AutoWake will give you a light tap on your wrist every 5 minutes during the 15 or 30 minute smart alarm period before your final alarm time. This is not usually enough to wake you up, but it will take you out of deeper sleep as you get closer to the final alarm time. This usually prevents those occasions where you remain in very deep sleep until the minute your alarm fires. You are able to change the type of tap and/or disable the sleep cycle buster in Settings / HAPTICS

AutoSleep Lights Off

If you also use our sleep tracking app, AutoSleep, then you can have AutoWake tell it that you have turned "lights off" and they you intend to go to sleep. This lets it track your time to fall asleep. When you manually enable your AutoWake alarm it will let AutoSleep know. You can enable this in the Settings / AUTOSLEEP section. 

Auto Schedule Alarm & Bedtime Reminders

If you forget to enable your alarm then you can have AutoWake automatically do this according to your daily schedule. You can also set default alarm times for each day of the week and set up bedtime reminders. There's a detailed explanation of this if you touch here. You can set this up in Settings / AUTO SCHEDULE section. 


You can run HomeKit scenes on key AutoWake events. Learn more about this by touching here

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