AutoWake is the world's first haptic smart alarm for your Apple Watch.

Announcing AutoWake 3.

Available Friday 16 August.

What is a Smart Alarm?

AutoWake uses its Smart Wake system to check if you are in a lighter sleep phase in 5 minute intervals up to 30 minutes before your alarm time. 

Waking up in lighter sleep results in you feeling less groggy and more alert and gives you a better start to your day. 

How Does it Work?

You simply set the latest time that you need to be woken up, then an optional smart wake setting. This can be in light or medium sleep for a period of 15 or 30 minutes before your alarm time. You then turn the alarm on. Learn more.

Then, every 5 minutes before your alarm time, it checks your Apple Watch's sensors using our AutoSleep algorithms. If you are in light enough sleep, it will tap you on the wrist until you wake up. 

Alternatively, if you don't want to be woken up early, you can just get a light bump on your wrist every 5 minutes in the 15 or 30 minute period before your alarm sounds. This often won't wake you, but will bring you out of deeper sleep before your alarm sounds. 

Adding Alarms

New in AutoWake 3, you add alarms directly on your Apple Watch. You can create advanced "ultra smart" alarms that will wake you up after a set amount of sleep, or, scheduled alarms which work as a backup if you ever forget to turn on your alarm when you go to bed. 

Alarms List

New in AutoWake 3 is an alarms list directly on your Apple Watch.  

Advanced "Ultra Smart" Alarms

New in AutoWake 3 are our advanced "ultra smart" alarms.  

If you have our companion AutoSleep app and an Apple Watch with WatchOS 5 then you can now set sleep goals with intelligent smart reminders. 

For example, let's say, every Thursday you want to set an alarm that will wake you after 8 hours sleep, but no later than 7:30AM and remind you 1 hour before your optimal bedtime based on your current sleep efficiency (time in bed versus time spent actually sleeping). 

You can set advanced alarms for all sorts of scenarios. A fixed time, a time in bed, a sleep goal, a quality sleep goal or even based on your current sleep debt. 

Advanced alarms can also let AutoSleep know you've turned lights off so it can track your time to fall asleep and trigger HomeKit scenes such as turning off your bedside lamp. 

You can learn all about the different types of alarms here

Scheduled Alarms

Scheduled alarms are greatly simplified in AutoWake 3. You now add scheduled alarms directly on your Apple Watch. 

These are simple auto scheduled smart alarms which are useful if you ever forget to turn on an advanced alarm when you go to bed. 


We've had some great stories from AutoWake customers. Here's a great one sent from a busy Dad. 

Automatic Waking Heart Rate

Just before the alarm starts tapping you, AutoWake also automatically measures your waking heart rate.  Waking heart rate is a great measure of wellness. An increase can indicate stress, illness or fatigue. 

Safety Alarm

If for some reason the haptic alarm does not wake you, then there's a safety alarm. Your iPhone will begin speaking and/or playing music within 2 minutes of your set alarm time. 

You can customise what you would like it to say, or what music you would like it to play.  And no. Your iPhone doesn't need to be unlocked all night. 


There's also a handy Last Alarm tab in the iPhone app. 

This lets you see how active you were in 5 minute intervals prior to the time that your alarm was set. This lets you see if the smart alarm was triggered early as a result. 

Reliable & Very Light on Apple Watch Battery

AutoWake is engineered for reliability and minimal battery drain on your Apple Watch. Overnight you should not notice any extra battery drain on your Watch. It works in concert with your iPhone to ensure maximal reliability and minimal WatchOS processing time. Learn more about system requirements.

We hope you enjoy AutoWake. It joins AutoSleep our popular fully automatic sleep tracker and HeartWatch our premier heart, health & activity app as the newest member of our Apple Watch app family. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, problems or suggestions. 

You can email us by pressing here.