Complications & Watch Faces

Update - iOS 15.5 Fix

(17 May 2022)

Apple have just released the update to iOS 15.5 and WatchOS 8.6 that will fix the complication issue.

Please be sure to reboot both devices after you update by following the below steps:

Power both devices off and back on again.

i.e. Shut down completely and restart.



Important - iOS 15.4 Issue

Apple has introduced a bug in iOS 15.4 that prevents an iOS app from knowing which complications are active.

Our support team have filed a Feedback report with Apple and personally contacted someone in the WatchOS team to make them aware of it. Until this bug gets fixed, it means that any Watch app that uses this function (like AutoWake) will be unable to work. AutoSleep and HeartWatch are unaffected.

Hopefully it will be fixed shortly. We have noted that the iOS 15.4.1 and 15.5 release did not contain the fix from Apple.

Complications & Watch Faces

AutoWake requires that you have its complication on the Watch face that you use for sleeping. This is an important system requirement on WatchOS as it grants the required processing time to ensure AutoWake can do its job.

What is a Complication?

Complications are widget like displays on your Watch face. They provide snippets of information and allow you to launch the related Watch app by touching the complication itself.

How do I add a Complication?

To add a complication:

  1. Press firmly on the Watch face until you feel a bump.

  2. Touch the Customise button.

  3. Swipe to the Complication selection panel.

  4. Touch the Complication slot that you would like to change.

  5. Turn the Digital Crown to select from an alphabetical list.

  6. When finished press the Digital Crown twice.

Day & Night Watch Faces

Switching between Watch faces is as easy as swiping back and forth from the edge of the screen. This lets you have a Day face, a Night face and anything else you choose to setup.

Adding a new Watch face

You can add and delete Watch faces as follows:

  1. Press firmly on the Watch face until you feel a bump.

  2. Swipe through the faces.

  3. To delete a Watch face, swipe up.

  4. To add a Watch face swipe to the last position. You will see a + button.

The Modular Watch face makes a nice Night face. Choosing the large central complication for AutoWake lets you see the alarm status and time.