Using AutoWake with HomeKit

AutoWake Is No Longer Available

Unfortunately we have had to withdraw AutoWake from sale, as it will not work as originally developed on the new WatchOS 10, due to a lot of changes under the hood released by Apple in the new WatchOS.

If you already own AutoWake you will continue to own it, but be mindful that updating to WatchOS 10 will cause issues. If you need to re-install the app you can do it via AppStore app - tap on your Profile and into Purchases.

If you are not aware, AutoSleep has a really great smart alarm built in. We built this with the long term plan to phase out AutoWake using an API that Apple developed with us in mind. This is why AutoWake was free in the bundle for all those years. 

Information on AutoSleep Smart Alarm. 

AutoSleep has been designed to have a feature that renders the snooze button redundant. Once you use it you will never go back. It is amazing how much better you feel once you use it. 

Tap here to read all about the AutoSleep smart alarm.

Tap here for information on related wake time features

Ideally set a 15 minute window and enable the arousal feature which will tap you once per minute during this window prior to sounding the alarm. 

This will take you out of deeper sleep. You may not even notice the first few taps, but you will start to be woken up gradually and by the time your alarm goes off you will be fully awake. This feature was designed to replace snooze as snooze. It works incredible well! Also, DON'T use the early wake feature if using this. 


You can use AutoWake with Apple HomeKit to automatically run scenes on key events. 

To activate HomeKit support, use the HomeKit switch on the Watch app. This will also let you turn HomeKit on or off at any time. 

You then use the Home app on your iPhone to create up to four scenes that are run on key events. Each of these have a standard name. Namely, "AutoWake On", "AutoWake Off", "AutoWake Snooze" and "AutoWake Stop". You only need to create the scenes that you want to use.  

Here's how to create scenes in the Home app.

AutoWake On

This scene is run when you turn on the alarm at night. For example, you can use this turn off your bedside light. 

AutoWake Off

The scene is run when you cancel the alarm using the main switch. You may want to use this turn the bedside light back on with a dim setting. 

AutoWake Snooze

When the alarm sounds in the morning and you choose the optional Snooze button in the Watch app, the "AutoWake Snooze" scene will be run.  This is a nice way to turn on a light to cure you of your snoozing ways.

AutoWake Stop

When the alarm sounds in the morning and you press the Stop button in the Watch app, the "AutoWake Stop" scene will be run.  For example, you may want to turn on your bedside light to full brightness and start your coffee machine.