Using the Watch App

Update - iOS 15.5 Fix

(17 May 2022)

Apple have just released the update to iOS 15.5 and WatchOS 8.6 that will fix the complication issue.

Please be sure to reboot both devices after you update by following the below steps:

Power both devices off and back on again.

i.e. Shut down completely and restart.



Important - iOS 15.4 Issue

Apple has introduced a bug in iOS 15.4 that prevents an iOS app from knowing which complications are active.

Our support team have filed a Feedback report with Apple and personally contacted someone in the WatchOS team to make them aware of it. Until this bug gets fixed, it means that any Watch app that uses this function (like AutoWake) will be unable to work. AutoSleep and HeartWatch are unaffected.

Hopefully it will be fixed shortly. We have noted that the iOS 15.4.1 and 15.5 release did not contain the fix from Apple.

Activating the Alarm

To manually activate the alarm:

  1. Touch the large on/off switch.

  2. The switch will flash briefly as it contacts iPhone.

  3. When active the switch will slide to the right.

When manually activating the alarm:

Automatic activation:

Setting the Alarm Time

To set the alarm time:

  1. Touch the time button.

  2. Touch the hour or minute picker.

  3. Turn the Digital Crown.

  4. Touch Save.

Setting a Schedule:

Setting the Alarm Type

To set the alarm type:

  1. Touch the alarm type button.

  2. Use the Digital Crown to select the alarm type.

  3. Note the green time window text below the type picker. This indicates the time window for your selection. This is either 15 or 30 minutes before your alarm time.

  4. Touch Save.

About alarm types:

In the 15 or 30 minute window before the alarm will sound, your energy level (based on heart rate and motion) will be checked in 5 minute intervals against one of two threshold values. Either light, or medium. If the 5 minute energy level is above the threshold then the alarm will trigger early.

It is best to start off with the light setting.

You can check your last alarm results in the AutoWake iPhone app in the Last Alarm tab. This will show you your energy levels graphed in 5 minute blocks leading up to the alarm time. On this graph are two lines, namely Light and Medium. Here you will be able to see how close the 5 minute energy level was to either the Light or Medium setting.

Sleep Cycle Buster:

You will receive a light tap every 5 minutes within the 15 or 30 minute window before your set alarm time. This is usually not enough to wake you up, but it will take you out of deeper sleep as you get closer to the final alarm time. This usually prevents those occasions where you remain in very deep sleep until the minute your alarm fires. You are able to change the type of tap and/or disable the sleep cycle buster in AutoWake settings / Haptic section.